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In a business world riddled with operational costs, we deliver you a cost-efficient offshore advantage, seamlessly aligned with your operation. We place emphasis on building cultural alignment with your team, which is proven to deliver better relationships, productivity and longevity, far superior to often misaligned and disconnected solutions provided by conventional Business Process Outsourcers.

Offering the
best solutions

We are a company with diverse talents and skills. Our leadership structure offers a dynamic atmosphere in which talented, creative and motivated people thrive. We don’t just acknowledge hard work and achievements; we reward it and groom it. We have an experienced team of ambitious, vibrant and young professionals with ability to keep update with latest trends and requirements of our client. Our team’s passion is to take up challenges with the highest order of efficiency and effectiveness.
Marketing & Customer Services
Information Technology
Insurance verification
Graphic Design

The roles we specialize

Senior Accountant | Customer Service Officer | Intermediate Accountant | Marketing Executive | Junior Accountant | Administration | Senior | Bookkeeper | IT Support | Junior Bookkeeper

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Services for Investors and our Diaspora Community

Zimbabwe is open for business! For the economy to thrive and raise the standard of living, we believe in growing local businesses and ensuring they run efficiently. We provide you with on the ground support to do research, monitoring and connecting you with reputable personnel to succeed in your project. We believe in the importance of maintaining a good name and thus we aim to serve you professionally, with the highest integrity and transparency to meet your service request.

We invest time in understanding your business and analyzing the status quo; your make-up, operation, culture, strategic direction, performance goals, and competitive position. With an understanding of what goes on under the hood we take a consultative approach to identify opportunities for outsource within the current structure. Whether it involves a reallocation of tasks, or the implementation of missing functions into your business that will help you scale up faster, our role is to identify your growth potential and deliver a strategic worldwide solution that supports your growth, without large overheads.

Manufacturing & Farming

Health Care (In home Physician and Nursing Support)

Construction Supervision Residential and Commercial

Feasibility Studies, Business Set Up and Monitoring

Import and Export of Commodities

How we differ

Striving for Excellence

• Improve Our Processes
• Improve Skill Sets of our Workforce
• Increase Our Capabilities

Technologically Agile.
We believe in adapting quickly to the changing technological and digital environment and see every change as an opportunity to set us apart and distinguishing ourselves in delivering the best services using modern technology.

Customer Focus.
We are gaining essential competitive advantage through our customer-focus processes. Our processes are systematically aligned with Customer Expectations and organizational goals.
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